Who am I?


You can find more about my research here: Nanoanalysis Website. I did my undergraduate physics degree and MSci at Imperial College. In my final year, I was lucky enough to start working with the Nanoanalysis Group in the Centre for Plastic Electronics. I

My research is focused on solution processing organic semiconductors, which we print to make flexible electronic solar cells and LEDs. I spend a lot of time using microscopes and lasers to figure out how individual units of the molecules are aligned, and how we can improve on that for charge transport. We heat turn the devices on and heat them up to see how the molecules behave when they’re working to better inform the synthetic chemists about how to design their materials. You can read some of my publications here.

This is a video of what I do when I’m printing my molecules:

And here’s a video about plastic electronics



My e-mail is jessica.wade@imperial.ac.uk and you can find me in the Blackett Laboratory, South Kensington campus of Imperial College.



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